A-Dizzle or Dizzlita (dizzlita) wrote,
A-Dizzle or Dizzlita


I think I do write entirely too much. But it's like a water tap when you put your finger over it, ready to bursts. I feel like yelling, screaming, singing but instead I write. Today I found some cool pictures for this journal's sequel [titled] Vitamin C and Potato Chips. Yay. I wish I wasn't so weird today.

Oh yeah I know I write a shitload on stupid people - - but I kinda am stupid too but in a different light. I'm really sensitive inside and I'm stubborn and artistic. I hide my sensitive side under a 'tough act.' But only around guys. It's weird because I've done it all my life.

It's 9:21. I'm waiting for Seinfeld to come on TV. Yay. I adore that show. It makes me think and laugh.

I think I really like this guy but I might also hate him. Isn't that weird. I know I don't write about guys that much in the lovey dovey sense. Sorry if that's what you wanted to read go watch Melrose Place. I just am not boy-crazy like I was in 6th grade. Sorry.

I hate soap opera. I never did watch one and like it. They just aren't my style.

Actually, back to guys - I think/say sometimes that I have a certain style and that I hate blondes for example. Then I always end up finding a blond I like. I just like individual, artistic, funny guys, I guess. And nice ones.
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