A-Dizzle or Dizzlita (dizzlita) wrote,
A-Dizzle or Dizzlita


So you thought I left you, didn't you? Well I'm almost all grownup, 14 and in high school. This journal has served both as a comic relief [a_dizzle: you have no idea] and a wakeup call. I was pretty selfish and as dumb as hell! I've tried to change my ways and be a more responsible thoughtful character.

I must tell you that 95 and 94 were hard years for me - I was in a constant struggle with myself - unsure of my identity and place in my life. Sure this is all dumb and in another two years I'll laugh my ass off [a_dizzle: we'll laugh our asses off]. Shut up.

I still am searching for my identity. I suppose. But atleast I've gained some sanity.
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