A-Dizzle or Dizzlita (dizzlita) wrote,
A-Dizzle or Dizzlita

[a_dizzle: note in this entry how I try not to talk about e-man, but then do anyway]

I've graduated at the top of my class - yup! Valedictorian!
I got into Sarah Lawrence College on scholarship, won 2nd place in the national poetry in schools contest. And E-man is supposedly still in love with me. Whateva. Forgettaboutit. E-man is the least of my concerns at this moment. I'm of course, curious to see how he is. To see me and him, one year later. I've grown CONSIDERABFUCKINGLY. So maybe he has too. . . who knows?

I've decided that E-Man is on "I will always loves you," "We both know - I'm not what you need," "So I wish you joy and happiness and above all I wish you loooooove -

BOOM . . . etc" terms.

My feelings will probably never change but the degree of intensity has certainly weakened.

NEW YORK! Wow - - wow.
I konw it will take me where I want to go. I'll trust that it will be where I need to be. I just imagine that it will really enhance my knowledge and expand my experience and I will continue to grow as an actor, writer, and director. So that by college graduation, I'll be ready for professional theater, a talent agency, etc - - who knows?

Now, I left high school without ever going on a date or having a real boyfriend. Hopefully in college I'll expand my love life from hibernating stage to awakened stage. [a_dizzle: ha ha]

I've never even been on a date. I think I scare boys. But I think that when the right one takes time to see into my soul, just a teensy bit - they'll love me and deeply too. I know that I have the ability to truly, deeply love but I've never had the chance to even practice it.
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