A-Dizzle or Dizzlita (dizzlita) wrote,
A-Dizzle or Dizzlita

E Man Chronicle 2

To E Man, here's what I want to say:

I'm tired of the tension between us. I watch you and you clearly stay away from me as much as possible and you don't talk to me like you do with other people. I'm tired of being ignored.

I want you in my life but I'm not sure where I want you. It terrifies me that I can't understand and analyze this. I want to be your friend, just a normal peachy keen friend but I think that's pretty much impossible.

Maybe we should've talked more about our feelings - well I should at least be made aware of yours. I can be more honest and direct if needed. Maybe you're tired of me, maybe I'm a pest to you and I'm the only one who doesn't see it. You'll spend time with Andrea, a girl you claim to hate, but you won't try to spend time with me?

Your just so confusing to me, I'm trying so hard to understand and shutting me out doesn't help me any to understand you. Argh. I wish this was easier but GOD if you're just trying not to hurt my feelings say so, just say whatever. I'm almost ready to take it. Because not knowing anything just aggravates me.

Maybe you like Amy now and want to invest time into that and I'm cramping your style. JUST GOD, say something to me. Besides 'hey what's up' or 'bye' or 'hi.'

Is it your friends that you're worried about. Is it because I'm not this pot queen chick that you can't associate with me?

Do you hate me, like me, love me? What? Tell me. Maybe you just don't have room in your life for me. If your social scene is so important to you, perhaps any interferences are deleted.


Kiss me.
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